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MARCH 24TH East Hampton




1983, in a small trailer in Livingston, Montana, shortly after my two sisters, mom and I left our home in Canada from a tough living situation, my all-time inspirational movie was playing in the living room.  I was told I couldn’t leave the kitchen until my lunch was finished.  As a sneaky little 3-year-old I hid in the corner so I could get a glimpse of Jennifer Beals’ outstanding dancing and motivational story in Flashdance.  Who knew at such a young ripe age these images cast on the television would have the biggest impact on me and my story.  

My mom has always been such an inspiration with her love of movement.  Being her number one fan in step aerobics class, dressed with her neon spandex outfit to match the era, and to find the love of movement that I knew was my path beyond my young years.

You know when you get that feeling that you just know, that gut instinct, that feel deep within you?  Some may call it an “aha” moment, but in actuality I believe it is something bigger than what our minds can comprehend, and our body sends us that vibrational message.  I have received these messages in many ways throughout the journey across the world to twenty -five different countries, planting seeds all along the way.  These seeds that sprout when nurtured, cared, and loved for.  Never knowing when the magic will blossom, but knowing that it will.

If we looked at our bodies as seeds that have been planted along with our beautiful souls, nurtured, cared and loved for, without judgments, imagine the possibilities.  

Part of the movement in this crazy thing called life is the practice of moving energy.  Many years ago, I received a reference letter from a French family I had au-paired for that stated, “Charity allowed our children to explore the magical world in the safe hands of a real-life Mary Poppins”.  A woman who believes that everything is possible, even the impossible.  This point brings me to the real magic that is inside of each and every one of us.

And I know that through movement, breath, letting down barriers, and releasing cultural conditioning that you can find the joy of being you.  It’s not about “finding yourself”, this is about remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you.  You are not lost and you are capable of anything you put your soul and body into. 

Nurch is the plate that will offer you the opportunity to do just that.

Be you.