******Kombat-Cha *****


While Living in Mustique Island, of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Charity met a wonderful woman who was making her own home brewed Kombucha.  In exchange for Charity to teach her how to make fresh coconut milk she in turn taught Charity how to make her own hand-made Kombucha.

At the beginning she had a few minor explosions in the kitchen as if it were an experiment lab of divine creation, and over the years Charity has perfected her best formulas yet. 

After creating it in Barbados and now here In Sag Harbor she is selling exclusively in Cavaniola’s Gourmet shop in Amagansett NY, as well as special orders.

The ingredients are as local and organic as she can get.

She uses herbs from her own garden: mint, rosemary, and is in the process of growing her own ginger.  The lavender comes from a near by lavender farm in the north fork of Long Island, but has recently discovered loads of lavender coming up in her back yard.  She stumbled across an amazing African tea shop while exploring Harlem where she sources some out of this world blends straight from the mother land that make up her organic turmeric and ginger brew.

Charity has always been an entrepreneur and has travelled across the globe bringing joy through movement and now she is bringing it to you in a delicious and fresh drink with amazing health benefits.  Each batch made lovingly with positive energy infused from her energetic and fun outlook on life.

Another great aspect of Charity’s company is that she recycles the bottles, and would be greatly appreciative if people returned bottles to Cavaniola’s for this purpose.

We can all do our part to keep our beautiful planet continuing to prosper with our small but effective efforts. 

Some of the amazing benefits of this drink are as follows:

Improved Digestion, Weight Loss, Increased Energy,

Cleansing and Detoxification, Immune Support, Reduced Joint Pain, and Cancer Prevention. 

If this is not reason enough to try this healthy elixir, the pleasure of enjoying the taste of this home brew may bring just a little more Joy into your world.