Description: Incorporating specific gyms fitness and skill training, Eishens/Resistance yoga and plant based nutrition.

Types of Fitness Classes:

Core Fit (45-60mins)
A blend of core fitness, yoga, and strength training,  Short cardio bursts get the hear going and you will also complete the class feeling your ab muscles respond. Catered to your level of fitness.

Natural Fitness / Get fit & Have Fun (45-60mins)
A blend of circuit training, tabatas, and bootcamp style workout with a focus on nutrition and yoga interspersed.   These classes will get you fit.  Putting an effort into all of the components will allow your body to shift, change and create a sense of ease .  With the use of available equipment: skipping ropes, power wheels, battling ropes, fitness balls, bosu balls, pull up bars, and of course your body, you will see a difference and have fun while doing it.  Accompanied with upbeat and uplifting music.  

Talk to Your Body (Nutrition) (60mins +)
A class based around listening and perceiving what your body desires in the form of energy, food and exercise.  Short exercise and movement to tap into what you body enjoys as well as discussion on how we communicate with ourselves.

Charity was pretty much born into a world of movement.  With a small gym in her home growing up and a mother who was always teaching the newest and latest aerobics, kickboxing, and high intensity classes, it was inevitable to be carried into her adult life.  The regular gym machines never really excited Charity so when she was introduced to the Monkey Bar Gym (which was like an adult playground), she had found yet another unique skill base to learn and share with others across the world.  Incorporating this specific gyms fitness and skill Training, Eishens/Resistnace Yoga and Plant Based Nutrition she trained as a Natural Fitness Instructor.   With these concepts the effects of the training is designed to develop highly skilled and strong individuals, to rid the body of injuries and pains, and to feel light and energized. 


Personal Training & Fitness -
"I had the pleasure to work with Charity. She is excellent!"
- Nancy McCartney