Dance and Movement

A teacher for the past 15 years, joyous movement has always been part of Charity’s life. As a young girl she trained for a short period as a gymnast and choreographed dances and performances with her sisters. 

Azonto Dance Fitness first time in Barbados.

Azonto Dance Fitness first time in Barbados.

Her formal training has exposed her to many cultures.  In 2003 while in  France she engaged training in hip-hop, break-dance, reggae, and African dance classes. 

Ever hungry to learn more she joined a multi-disciplinary program with a Colorado Dance School. Daily training in break-dance and hip hop as well as intensive exposure to the African dancer, Djeneba Sako of Mali.

After becoming certified to facilitate classes as part of “The Good Life Program” Charity was sought out to teach in after school programs within the Midwest of USA.  She taught elementary–secondary school children the elements of hip hop and dance. Her desire to train more led her to Seoul, South Korea where she trained with b-boy crews and started doing public performances, which led her to teach there and in Thailand.  After Asia she moved to Chicago where she joined a Jamaican Dance Company.  Advancing quickly, she was asked to begin to assist in teaching newcomers to the company. She has competed in international breakdance competitions as well in different parts of the world as B*Girl Eklektika.

In 2009, Charity moved to The Commonwealth of Dominica, where she taught public yoga classes and workshops throughout the island She was also involved in a few different primary and secondary schools teaching dance and movement for performances, along with extra curricular activities. She taught African dance accompanied by Ras Algi as well.  Before leaving Dominica in 2011, Charity co-facilitated a workshop for secondary school teachers on the history of hip hop culture and dance. 

Charity then moved to the island of Mustique where she facilitated yoga, dance, and fitness classes for tourists and locals.  She founded a dance company on the island that uniquely drew on the musical heritage of the Caribbean with the beats of urban youth  - performing to a blend of African, hip-hop, Soca and dancehall rhythms.

Dance session in Montserrat with the football team.

Performing with MC YOGI at Wanderlust in Chicago.


In 2014 Charity discovered SocaMotion while spending some time in New York.  After one class she was glowing and feeling so alive and joyful.  A few months later while in Barbaods she heard the founder of SocaMotion was teaching classes, and she went immediately to meet her.  Again loved it.  She asked Onya to teach a fun class for her birthday party, which was a big success.  Charity chose to take the training to become a certified SocaMotion teacher.  Shortly after the certification she taught the classes at Sukahava Bodhe Yoga and Music Festival just outside of Chicago IL.  She continues to travel with yet another dance form to share with the world.  

Turn your workout into a Carnival! It's time to MOVE YOUR MAS! ~ Caribbean Music & Movement ~

Charity jumped into an Azonto Dance Fitness training in London UK in 2014.  This was the first training ever offered of this kind.  An upbeat Urban African dance fitness class which combines elements of african, dancehall, and hip-hop styles, all accompanied to Azonto music, which originates from Ghana.  She has since taught this style in Barbados and Thailand. Please see her schedule for upcoming classes.  

Currently residing world wide she offers dance and movement when the demand and question shows up.