About Me

Charity chose this body that has always loved the joy of movement.   She enjoys travelling the world facilitating and teaching all forms of movement from dance, yoga, fitness, and spreading consciousness.

While discovering this amazing movement with her body, Charity also began a journey of functioning and living moment to moment.  By following the energy she sought to travel around the world being who she is and sharing her knowledge with all those willing to receive.  

Charity is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa teacher and in 2009, put over 900 hours of training at Moksha Yoga Studio of Chicago, IL.  Once implementing her training into her teaching she started her own yoga by integrating all the different styles she had studied throughout the program. 


When you have the experience of taking a class with Charity be prepared to have FUN and be challenged in a way you never knew your body would enjoy.   This training only added to her repertoire, as she already had been teaching children dance in schools in the USA, South Korea, and in Europe.  

While travelling and living in Asia she spent a few months in Thailand where she jumped into discovering to gift the loving kindness of Thai yoga massage.  

She continues to share her hands on healing through the Thai technique.  Charity also has experience with hands on energy healing ranging from Reiki to Access Consciousness body processes.  One of the most dynamic processes she has learned and now facilitates classes to learn is called The Bars.

In 2011, Charity moved to the island of Mustique, where she developed and facilitated a health and wellness program called “Get Fit and Have Fun”!  In the three and a half years she taught classes to guests, homeowners, and the local community.  The classes consisted of Yoga, Dance Fitness, Core Fit, Turbo Kick, Body Power, and Personal Fitness Training.  She also would teach an occasional workshop on Detoxing/De-stressing the body through movement, breath and sweat.  

The local children benefited from Charity’s dance classes and put on bi-annual performances for the island.   The island did not have a program like this before Charity came and it was a true success in getting people to understand the importance of listening to your body and moving into a healthier way of being. 


In October 2013 Charity was hired as the guest practitioner at The Siam Hotel in Bangkok Thailand. She taught various private classes in movement,  yoga and dance.   

Charity was also training the Opium Spa staff on energy healing modalities (the bars) to incorporate into their treatments, which allowed the clients to deepen into their relaxation even more. In her extra time Charity offered dance classes to the Siam Staff. 


thai (1).jpg

In 2014 Charity travelled extensively with private clients around the world, providing them with Thai yoga massage, fitness and yoga specifically designed for their body, and bars energy healing.  She also planned curriculum for family members choosing to add more fitness and mobility in their life.  Adjusting her life to meet their lifestyle and flying from one country to the next at their request gave Charity a great opportunity to see the world and learn to find a great balancing act in honoring her job and body at the same time.  

La camargue, meditation and yoga is everywhere when we are open to seeing it all!   

La camargue, meditation and yoga is everywhere when we are open to seeing it all!